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Hi welcome to my website. I have been involved with property investment for several years but recently my passion has moved towards supporting those who are looking to invest for the long-term particularly those who I believe to be the ‘lost pension generation’, those in their mid 40s – mid 50s.

They are the first generation to have seen their parents’ hard-work be rewarded by a healthy pension, often with guaranteed income but, having followed suit, acted responsibly and saved for their own retirement have now had ‘the rug pulled from under their feet’.  Through no fault of their own they have become the silent victims of the challenges and changes which have occurred within our financial world.  For them there is no guarantee of a Golden Retirement.

But thankfully I believe all is not lost!

Because this generation, who will suffer so terribly at the hands of the existing pension  schemes, are the same generation who have powerful resources at their disposal to change their destiny. Resources such as:

  • A hard-work ethos
  • A savings ethos
  • Already being an established homeowner

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